Hand Made Soap Noor Kesar Goti


Noor Kesar Goti – Hand Made Soap – (Kesar Goti Soap)Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

A complete hand-made soap, free of harmful chemicals. Prevents Pimples, Acne and Black Heads. It is the best Hand-made Soap for oily skin and Fairness.

Noor Kesar Goti is a Export quality Hand Made Soap (Kesar Goti Soap), enriched with natural herbs, including Saffron. Daily use of this Kesar Goti Soap prevents Pimples / Acne, Blackheads, Remove Dark Marks, Skin Oiliness and makes you feel refresh and gives Fairness with positive attitude.

Natural Herbal Hand Made Soap (Kesar Goti Soap)

Noor Kesar Goti is a pure Herbal Handmade Soap made up of natural herbs and saffron. Velvet Cosmetics is the Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier and Trader of Handmade Natural Herbal Soaps in India. Our handmade soaps are 100% Natural Soaps made of Kesar Goti devoid of any harmful chemicals and  ingredients. Apart from natural ingredients, utmost care is taken to ensure that our customer gets best possible feeling while using out 100% Natural Herbal Hand Made Soap (Kesar Goti Soap). We have satisfied customer base across India and Overseas market like Dubai.

Over years our customers (With Kesar Goti Soap) have got good result in Skin fairness, Oily Skin, Acne Removal, Prevention of Pimple/Acne etc. This customer satisfaction has become our strength and have helped us in expansion. Right from the look and feel of the product to packaging and fragrances, everything about Noor Kesar Goti Soap is a customer delight.

Its available in 25 gm box pack.


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