SharkID – Business Networking App


About SharkID

SharkID is a CallerID App, that shows Mutual Friends for all the incoming/outgoing calls on your Mobile Phone. With SharkID, you don’t have to talk with any stranger, check Mutual Friend / Reference before you talk with anybody. SharkID also helps you expand your Business Network. Make friends on SharkID and increase your Business Network.

SharkID facilitates you to create an e-catalog by uploading your product pictures and videos in your Business Card. Now you can promote your product among 2.5 Million Users by uploading product catalog on SharkID.

With Shark ID a user can get an extremely short and unique ID as short as his/her name which can be shared easily to anyone using the same platform. Visualizing the whole idea of simplified communication and smart phonebook, brainstormed over amazing features like auto updating phonebook, secure backup and digital business card and lot more.

Key Features

  • Personal Card / Business Card
  • Smart Search
  • People Search / Add Friends
  • Whatsapp / SMS / Email with saving number
  • Fancy Number / SharkID facility
  • Find Friend of Friend
  • Find References
  • Add Product Catalog (Images and Videos)
  • Get Business Leads


  • More than 3 Million Downloads
  • Database of more than 500 Million Mobile numbers
  • Fancy Number / SharkID. E.g. JamesBond007, Shark, IamSRK etc
  • Active database from across India

SharkID Enterprise Phonebook

Get all your employees / colleagues phonebook synced into one single phonebook. Search your leads contact number before calling / meeting and find mutual friends and references between the lead and your organization. Get connected with strangers and increase your sales closure rate.  Enterprise Phonebook solutions will help professionals and companies generate more leads and grow sales.


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