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S.R. Mansuri Dental Clinic – Dr. Aaqil M Mansuri B.D.S (Gold Medalist) - Pankornaka, Ahmedabad City

S. R. Mansuri Dental Clinic headed by Dr. Aaqil M Mansuri BDS (Gold Medalist) based in Pankornaka, Ahmedabad City is one of the most renowned Dental Clinic in Old Ahmedabad City for its Pain FREE Dental Treatment. Since is inception in 2007, Dr Aaqil Mansuri has served thousands of patients, especially in Old Ahmedabad City and cure there dental problems. Dr Aaqil Mansuri is recognized Dentist in Ahmedabad Old City, who is providing Pain FREE Dental Treatments and Procedures. Dr. Aaqil M Mansuri is a Gold Medalist in BDS as well as lecturer in Bopal, Ahmedabad dental collage. Some of the Dental Treatments provided at S. R. Mansuri Dental Dental Clinic are Tooth Extraction, Third Molar Surgery (Disimpaction), Single Sitting Pain FREE Root Canal Treatment (RCT), Periodontal Surgery, Full Mouth Rehabilitation, Five to Fifteen Years Warranted and Certified Caps, Smile Design, Stain Removal from Teeth, Teeth Whitening and Teeth Jewellery.

Painless (Pain FREE) Wisdom Tooth Removal  / Tooth Extraction / Third Molar Surgeries

Dr. Aaqil M Mansuri offers painless wisdom tooth removal and tooth extraction surgeries at their Ahmadabad’s best dental clinic S.R. Mansuri Dental Clinic at Pankornaka, Ahmedabad, India. The Dental Clinic also handles difficult and complex cases of third molar surgeries.

Dr Aaqil M Mansuri is one of the topmost and best dental surgeon in old city ahmedabad, Gujarat providing all dental surgeries under one roof. He has BDS (Gold Medalist) degree and have experience of handling painless tooth removal and extraction along with Third molar Surgery, Gum surgery etc.

Tooth extractions/removal may be carried out by a general dentist or a specialist known as an oral surgeon. Tooth extraction/removal can be a painless procedure if handled by expert Dentist.

Single Sitting Painless Root Canal Treatment (RCT) and Warranted/Certified Dental Caps

Tooth decay (causes by food substances) or a crack that causes the nerves of the teeth to die can be saved with Root Canal Treatment (RCT).  When tooth decay or crack goes above the tolerance level, the tooth starts to ache. Relentless pain, swelling, sensitivity to hot or cold, etc are the signs of a root canal problem.  Root Canal Treatment is a treatment for tooth pain which involves cleaning of tooth and removal of infection that is causing the pain. As Root Canal Treatment is associated with nerves and tissues of tooth it causes lot of pain during the treatment. As a result of which, patients suffering from decay tooth hesitate for Root Canal Treatment. Dr Aaqil M Mansuri offers cost-effective, single sitting painless root canal treatment in Pankornaka, Ahmedabad Old City, India. Root Canal Treatment protects the tooth from further infection and increases the life of the tooth. Because of fast life, the time available with individuals is very less. Hence patients prefer Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment as the treatment gets over in single sitting.

Have you broken or damaged your tooth? Do you aspire to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your smile? Dental Tooth Caps (or Dental Crowns) is the perfect solution for refurbishing and protecting your teeth and enhancing your smile.

S.R. Mansuri Dental Clinic provides 5 to 15 years of Warranty on Dental Caps and Crowns, so that if any wear and tear happening on the Dental Tooth Cap can be taken care off. They also provide Certified Dental Tooth Cap to make sure that the quality of the Dental Tooth Cap is not compromised.

Periodontal Surgery/Treatment (Flap Surgery) in Ahmedabad City

Periodontal Treatment OR Gum disease is most common among dental patients. If not treated on time, it can result into tooth loss among adults. The disease starts from gums and then spread to bone around the tooth. Accretion of plaque and tarter along with bad oral hygiene are major reasons of Periodontal Disease.

Flap surgery / Gum Grafting are done at S.R. Mansuri Dental Clinic (Pankornaka, Ahmedabad) under local anesthesia. Firstly Plaque and tartar accumulated around the tooth is removed then gums around the tooth are separated. Steps can be taken to lighten the damages of periodontal disease, but the best thing is prevention. Daily brushing, flossing and regular oral hygiene will help remove plaque and bacteria. A routine visit to dentist is also recommended.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Pankornaka, Ahmedabad

S.R. Mansuri Dental Clinic is known place for Full Mouth Rehabilitation. Full Mouth Rehabilitation is the procedure of reinstating all the teeth in both upper and lower jaws. Full Mouth Rehabilitation also involves replacement of one missing teeth, and the re-installation of affected teeth to improve its function. Not all patients need full mouth rehabilitation, below are the symptoms where a patient need full mouth rehabilitation.

Complete edentulism (total loss of teeth)

Broken down teeth
Heavily-stained teeth
Mal-positioned teeth (within limitations)
Spacing between teeth
Teeth lost due to gum disease (periodontal disease)

Smile Design / Teeth Whitening / Teeth Jewellery / Cosmetic Dentistry in Pankornaka, Ahmedabad City

Smile Designing: A cosmetic dentistry procedure(s) that improves the appearance of the natural smile is called Smile Designing. A beautiful smile design can boost individual’s confidence and self esteem as well as it improves personal relationships. As smile is very integral part of one’s personality, these days it has become extremely important to wear a beautiful and attractive smile. We at S.R. Mansuri Dental Clinic take into consideration numerous factors while designing a smile such as facial appearance, skin tone, hair color, teeth etc.

Teeth Whitening: Smoking, food, drink (such as tea/coffee) often results into discolored teeth. An individual will not be able to smile freely with Stained teeth. It may cause embarrassment while sitting between people or in a corporate meeting.  Teeth Whitening or bleaching the teeth can enhance the appearance of your smile. Teeth Whitening not only increase your confidence but also helps in maintaining oral hygiene.

Cosmetic Dentistry: There are various other dental procedures/works that improves the appearance of a person’s teeth. All those procedures fall under the category of Cosmetic Dentistry.  Cosmetic Dentistry involves Teeth Whitening, Tooth Bleaching, Teeth Reshaping, Bonding, Veneers, Dental Bridges, Gum Lift, Bite Reclamation, Dental Jewellery etc.

Apart from the above mentioned dental procedures S.R. Mansuri Dental Clinic also deals Dental Implants, Complete Denture, Dental Surgical Works, Mouth opening procedures that has reduced due to tobacco chewing and removal of permanent and temporary stains from the teeth.



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